Top 10 Places in Las Vegas Nevada To Stay For A Week

1. Venetian – Las Vegas Nevada Of many casinos and hotels to choose from is one of the ten best Venice. Gondola riding, wax museum and stunning elegance are just some of the features that make this casino and hotel the top ten choices. There are rooms to suit almost every budget, as well as suites and many restaurants and shops to enjoy.

2. The Mirage – This casino and hotel is usually called a tropical paradise, and after living here it is easy to understand why it is considered one of the best. Watch the White Tiger Show, or wander through the secret gardens and dolphins when you’re not on the casino floor hoping to win it. Personalized service and attention is also exceptional at this casino.

3. Excalibur – One of the best casinos to stay for families is Excalibur. The entire hotel and casino is around the Middle Ages, with offers, activities and shows that reflect it. There are games rooms and many activities for children of all ages, and adults will enjoy the casino and fantastic dining options.

4. Oriental Palace – Although Eastern Palace may not be one of Las Vegas Nevada’s newest and most exclusive casinos, this older choice is still considered one of the top ten favorite visitors to have stayed here before. It combines oriental character, excellent service and luxury housing.

5. Mandalay Bay – This waterfront and oceanfront hotel is one of the city’s newest and most sophisticated casinos. Features here include coral reefs, an exhibit with fantastic marine life. The tropical sandy beach covers eleven acres and it is a lot of fun in the sun at this casino.

6. Treasure Island – Treasure Island is the best place to stay for families and individuals. This casino has a pirate and treasure theme, and there is often a live show on the big ship in front of the casino for everyone in the area to enjoy.

7. Bellagio – Known as one of the best hotels and casinos in Las Vegas Nevada, Bellagio can often spot stars and celebrities. There are private cabins behind the hotel and a casino that can cost thousands of dollars a night, and if you can afford them this may be the perfect vacation, with luxury and pampering as standard.

8. Caesar’s Palace – For many visitors to Las Vegas, Caesar’s Palace is the only place to stay. With an exclusive and luxurious environment and lots of things to see and do besides games, it’s no wonder this casino is the best place to live. There is an underground network of shops with some of the best fashion designers and incredibly luxurious rooms and suites. Gods Garden is a must see here.

9. Luxor – In the form of a giant pyramid, Luxor Casino and its Las Vegas Nevada hotels offer a luxurious ownership. This is where many serious players live, and the rooms and suites offered reflect that. Comfort, service and accommodation The property is exactly what you will get here.

10. MGM Grand – MGM Grand Casino is very well known and has a reputation for treating guests as VIPs regardless of status or income. This is the largest casino and hotel complex in Las Vegas and there are a number of restaurants for some of the best chefs in the culinary world.

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