Unique Wedding Venues in Nevada

Many brides and grooms are looking for unusual places to get married to promote their own memories. Northern Nevada offers many of these places that are unusual, but three in particular appear at the forefront of comparison. The Gold Hill Hotel, Saint Mary in the Mountains and Orchard House offer a distinct new atmosphere, all with their attractive historical origins, giving the couple an unparalleled experience on a very special day in their lives.

Gold Hill Hotel

This ancient hotel dates back to the prosperous days in Virginia that began with the Silver Comstock Lode strike in 1859. Gold Hill was in the midst of a fascinating gold discovery and was extremely important during the lively mining days, especially at the height of the 1870’s Big Bonanza Strike, which was the height Silver ore extract which is usually called “mom mom”.

The Gold Hill Hotel is located just off State 342, just south of Virginia, overlooking the Gold Canyon. Construction of the hotel took place around 1859, and although parts of the building have faded over the years, these parts have been completely restored.

The Great Room is one of many different wedding venues at the hotel. The Great Room is very attractive and consists of distinctive Victorian furniture, parquet floors, an attractive fireplace and an old winding staircase which makes it a wonderful entrance for the bride. When the concert is complete, the Great Room turns into the reception for dance and dance.

The hotel also has an outdoor wedding venue option. Gazebo is next to Brewery Lodge, a short distance from the hotel. This is an attractive location consisting of stunning landscapes with stunning views of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Gazebo serves as a ceremonial venue and reception area and can accommodate large parties.

St Mary in the mountains

Along the hills of Mount Davidson in the legendary ghost town of Virginia, Nevada’s oldest Catholic church and one of the most beautiful structures that could possibly host a wedding. The church was built in 1876 on the ruins of the former church structure destroyed by the “Great Fire” in 1875.

This magnificent cathedral is truly magnificent thanks to its 140-foot interior, which is reflected in the entrance hallways and windows, a loft of the choir and galleries, a large beautiful change and a church clock of 2,264 pounds. The bell was part of the last church but survived the tragic fire in the city of Virginia and actually rang for the first time in 1870, the year when the original building was opened for service.

Although more than a century old, this charming church still shines with its magnificent beauty. With the outstanding splendor of a city, an extremely rich history of the “Old West”, St. Mary in the Mountains is an attractive setting for a wonderful sacred wedding experience.

Orchard House

Orchard House is located at the base of the Sierras in Genoa, a bed and breakfast located in the heart of Nevada’s oldest settlement. Genoa is a picturesque, sparsely populated city dating back to 1855 during the “territorial” days of Nevada. Originally, the area was an area where explorers could only pass, but when a shopping center was set up in 1851, it soon became a permanent residence.

Orchard House owns several acres of garden and garden space for parties and receptions. The centuries-old fruit trees lined with the property along with an attractive open garden and beautiful landscapes provide a tranquil environment for most special occasions. Due to the large open space for this wedding venue, it is not only allowed for large parties that can accommodate up to 400 guests, but also for horse and carriage rides in the bride and groom if they want to create a large entrance.

Weddings intended for adventure in intention and adventure are attractive to many couples and are often sought out by brides and grooms who want to get married in a fairly unconventional way. Weddings of unusual nature or those with an exciting historical background are also preferred. Since Nevada has a rich history in the traditions of the “Old West” and contains an abundance of interesting western settlements established in the 19th century, there are many desirable places for couples to choose from when looking for extraordinary. Gold Hill Hotel, Orchard House, St. Mary in the Mountains are just some of what Nevada has to offer, but without a doubt, three places will meet all your expectations if you want a unique environment and a wedding day experience.

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